Breizh Datathon


The Breizh Datathon is an initiative of Bretagne Numérique, part of the Translate project, which aims to integrate Breton into Google Translate and other online translators.

In this case, the first step is to respond to a call for projects launched byAbu Dhabi University MBZUAI. The latter proposes to gather data to integrate regional languages into artificial intelligence tools that use LLMs (Large Language Models) beyond the most common English models (Google, Meta, etc.).
The target set for each participating language is to collect at least 200 images and associated questions by February 27, according to the examples below.

To take part in this initiative, which will give Breton worldwide visibility, simply fill in our online form to submit royalty-free images and questions in one of our three working languages (Breton, French, English). Ne gomzit ket brezhoneg ganeoc’h? You don’t need to speak Breton to take part: a team of volunteer translators and partners will translate your proposals and integrate them into the corpus provided to partner universities.

Ready to make Breton a world-class language?

Exemples de questions pour le Datathon


Voici quelques exemples des questions que nous souhaitons créer pour le Datathon en ligne ou notre Datathon convivial le 17 février à Quimper. 

den paolig

breton flag gwenn ha du Petra a c’hoarvezo dezhañ e fin an Ened ?

France flag What will happen to him at the end of the Gras?

English flag What will happen to it at the end of the carnaval?

datathon example

breton flag gwenn ha du Da be oad e voe dimezet da gentañ?

France flag How old was she when she was first married?

English flag How old was she at her first wedding?